In the class room, Steve was using a lot of derogatory words.

What was Steve doing?
A He was using unusually sophisticated words for his age
B He was putting people down, calling them negative things
C He was giving compliments and being reassuring
D He was cursing and using a lot of foul language

Roger knew it was imperative, that his train to London would arrive on time.

What is said about the train?
A It couldn't possibly arrive on time
B It was absolutely necessary that it would arrive on time
C It didn't matter if it arrived on time
D It only arrived on time on rare occasions

When the police arrived at the crime scene, a witness reported that he had seen a juvenile fleeing from the scene.

Who had been seen leaving the scene?
A An old person
B A thief
C A young person
D An immigrant

When Stephen returned to his childhood house, 20 years later, he saw that it was derelict.

What is said about the house?
A Someone was still living in the house
B It was gone, from having been torn down
C The house was up for sale
D It was run down, and no one lived in it

Due to the prevailing snow fall, John is forced to stay at home.

Why must John stay at home?
A Because of the current snow fall
B Because of the possible snow fall
C Because of the earlier snow fall
D Because of the coming snow fall

When Mary came back home, she saw John sitting in the sofa contemplating about something.

What was John doing?
A He was reading about something
B He was happy about something
C He was upset about something
D He was thinking about something

At night, John's headaches would usually exacerbate.

What are we told about John's headaches?
A They got better at night
B They got worse at night
C They remained constant at night
D They disappeared completely at night

Greg's knowledge about monkeys was profound.

What is said about Greg and monkeys?
A He had deep knowledge about them
B He had almost no knowledge about them
C He was being dishonest about what he knew
D His knowledge was just a rumour

To Emma, the idea of buying the house was tantalizing.

What is said about how Emma felt?
A She felt the idea was out of reach
B She felt the idea was stupid
C She felt tempted by the idea
D She felt anxiety about the whole thing

Anna finds her life very whimsical.

What does Anna think about her life?
A It is boring
B It is unpredictable
C It is straightforward
D It is depressing

Jane and her husband finally reconciled.

What did the couple do?
A The went into therapy
B They got divorced
C They got married
D They became friends again

When the doctor examined Phil, she noticed a substantial loss of hearing in his right ear.

What is said about Phil's hearing?
A It has worsened a lot
B It has gotten better
C The loss is hardly noticable
D It has gotten slighty better

While Brigitte was cooking dinner, the snowing outside ensued.

What is said about the snow fall?
A It decreased
B It stopped
C It increased
D It kept on

There's a great diversity of people living in NewYork.

What is stated?
A A lot of people live in New York
B Many different kinds of people live in New York
C People are spread out over a big area of New York
D People live very close to eachother in New York

8 years ago, when Jane was just a little girl, she met the contemporary president and gave him a flower.

What is said about the president?
A He was just president for a short period
B He is still the president
C He was the president of that time
D He is the current president before he got elected

Anna has a lof of interests in the realm of science.

What is said about Anna?
A She has interests in the area of science
B She is interested in exposing science for what it really is
C She has invested money in a science project
D She fancies scientists

Harry's opinion was that all politicians were a bunch of hypocrites.

What did politicians do according to Harry?
A They were dumb and uneducated
B They pretended and said things that weren't true
C They were corrupt and thieving
D They were selfish and uninterested in other people

Paul intervened when he saw two guys fighting.

What did Paul do??
A He took actions to stop the fight
B He paused for a while, to watch the fight
C He hurried to get away from the fight
D He took a different route, to avoid the fight

After John had lost the first set of the tennis match, his father came over to commiserate with him.

What did his father do?
A He and John discussed the game
B He told John how he should improve his game
C He dealt with John by punishing him
D He expressed his sympathy over John's loss

For John, joining the secret club, entailed that he had to wear womens' clothes.

What is said?
A Joining the club meant that he had to wear womens' clothes
B John had heard that people in the club wore womens' clothes
C People in the club liked to wear womens' clothes
D There were only women in the secret club


1B 2B 3C
4D 5A 6D
7B 8A 9C
10B 11D 12A
13D 14B 15C
16A 17B 18A
19D 20A