There's a great diversity of people living in NewYork.

What is stated?
A Many different kinds of people live in New York
B People are spread out over a big area of New York
C A lot of people live in New York
D People live very close to eachother in New York

Ray worked in the garden, for his own leisure.

What did Ray do in the garden?
A He worked there for fun
B He worked there, to recover from an illness
C He worked there to support himself
D He worked there by himself

John made a very rash decision.

What is said about John's decision?
A It was done quickly without thinking
B It was a wise decision
C It was carefully planned
D It was done selfishly without regard to other people

Roger was intimidated by his new pet snake.

What is said about Roger and his snake?
A He didn't care about it
B He felt threatened by it
C He was excited about it
D He was fascinated by it

John's two daughters are adolescents, and this has been a great concern for John.

What is said about John's daughters?
A They are young criminals
B John is not their biological father
C They are teenagers
D They have learning disabilities

Scientists have proven that dinosaurs inhabited the rain forests.

What is said?
A Dinosaurs stayed away from the rain forests
B Dinosaurs had a negative effect on the rain forest
C Dinosaurs lived in the rain forests
D Dinosaurs were the reason that rain forests got created

Roger knew it was imperative, that his train to London would arrive on time.

What is said about the train?
A It was absolutely necessary that it would arrive on time
B It didn't matter if it arrived on time
C It only arrived on time on rare occasions
D It couldn't possibly arrive on time

To Emma, the idea of buying the house was tantalizing.

What is said about how Emma felt?
A She felt the idea was stupid
B She felt anxiety about the whole thing
C She felt tempted by the idea
D She felt the idea was out of reach

When Bill entered the room, he saw a lot of elderly men conferring.

What were the old men doing?
A They were having dinner
B They were arguing with eachother
C They were relaxing
D They were having a discussion

Recent family problems have prompted Jim to talk to his daughter.

What is said?
A Family issues have prevented Jim from talking to his daughter
B His family have forbidden Jim to talk to his daughter
C Problems have arisen, after Jim talked to his daughter
D Because of family issues, Jim has decided to talk to his daughter

Harry's opinion was that all politicians were a bunch of hypocrites.

What did politicians do according to Harry?
A They were corrupt and thieving
B They were selfish and uninterested in other people
C They were dumb and uneducated
D They pretended and said things that weren't true

The museum has procured a lot of valuable vases.

What has the museum done?
A They have sold some valuable vases
B They have managed to obtain valuable vases
C They have put valuable vases on display
D The museum has broken a lot of valuble vases

The meaning of the word "can" is ambigious.

What is said about the word "can"?
A It has two different meanings
B It has only one interpretation
C It is obvious what it means
D People often mistake the word for another

When the doctor examined Phil, she noticed a substantial loss of hearing in his right ear.

What is said about Phil's hearing?
A It has gotten better
B It has worsened a lot
C The loss is hardly noticable
D It has gotten slighty better

Due to the prevailing snow fall, John is forced to stay at home.

Why must John stay at home?
A Because of the coming snow fall
B Because of the current snow fall
C Because of the possible snow fall
D Because of the earlier snow fall

Mr Tomas has a propensity to being wrong.

What is said about Mr Tomas?
A He tends to be wrong
B He doesn't like being wrong
C He is hardly ever wrong
D He is known by others to being wrong

John felt that his three years in high school had been a languishing experience.

What did John feel about his high school experience?
A It had been adventureous
B It had been emotional
C It had been hard and unpleasant
D He had learned a lot from it

After John had lost the first set of the tennis match, his father came over to commiserate with him.

What did his father do?
A He told John how he should improve his game
B He dealt with John by punishing him
C He expressed his sympathy over John's loss
D He and John discussed the game

Over the past 10 years, food prices have changed significantly.

What is said about food prices?
A Prices have hardly changed
B Prices have dropped
C Prices have changed a lot
D Prices have increased

Anna finds her life very whimsical.

What does Anna think about her life?
A It is boring
B It is unpredictable
C It is depressing
D It is straightforward


1A 2A 3A
4B 5C 6C
7A 8C 9D
10D 11D 12B
13A 14B 15B
16A 17C 18C
19C 20B