Over the past 10 years, food prices have changed significantly.

What is said about food prices?
A Prices have increased
B Prices have changed a lot
C Prices have dropped
D Prices have hardly changed

At school, Jane was derided by the other girls.

What is said about the other girls?
A They admired Jane
B They ignored Jane
C They were jealous of Jane
D They made fun of Jane

Roger knew it was imperative, that his train to London would arrive on time.

What is said about the train?
A It was absolutely necessary that it would arrive on time
B It didn't matter if it arrived on time
C It only arrived on time on rare occasions
D It couldn't possibly arrive on time

Paul intervened when he saw two guys fighting.

What did Paul do??
A He paused for a while, to watch the fight
B He took actions to stop the fight
C He hurried to get away from the fight
D He took a different route, to avoid the fight

Recent family problems have prompted Jim to talk to his daughter.

What is said?
A Family issues have prevented Jim from talking to his daughter
B Because of family issues, Jim has decided to talk to his daughter
C Problems have arisen, after Jim talked to his daughter
D His family have forbidden Jim to talk to his daughter

When Mary came back home, she saw John sitting in the sofa contemplating about something.

What was John doing?
A He was thinking about something
B He was upset about something
C He was reading about something
D He was happy about something

Anna has a lof of interests in the realm of science.

What is said about Anna?
A She has invested money in a science project
B She is interested in exposing science for what it really is
C She fancies scientists
D She has interests in the area of science

For John, joining the secret club, entailed that he had to wear womens' clothes.

What is said?
A There were only women in the secret club
B Joining the club meant that he had to wear womens' clothes
C People in the club liked to wear womens' clothes
D John had heard that people in the club wore womens' clothes

Mary annoyed with her husband, because he procrastinates a lot.

What does Mary's husband do?
A He brags about his good sides
B He misplaces things, and is not organized
C He keeps putting things off, not doing them
D He is uptight and keeps his feeling to himself

Jane saw the alleged crimial, walking around in the super market.

What is said about the criminal?
A He had been freed of all charges
B He had escaped from prison
C He had been a criminal, previously in his life
D He was said to be a criminial

Economists have noticed that the buying and selling of livestock has increased during the past couple of years.

What is being bought and sold more often?
A Fruits and vegetables
B Clothes and garments
C Alcohol and tobacco
D Farm animals

8 years ago, when Jane was just a little girl, she met the contemporary president and gave him a flower.

What is said about the president?
A He is still the president
B He was the president of that time
C He is the current president before he got elected
D He was just president for a short period

Eva was intrigued by her new neighbour, who was a known celebrity.

What is said?
A Her neighbour took advantage of Eva
B Her neighbour made passes at Eva
C Eva felt envious of her neigbhbour
D Eva found her neighbour fascinating

John has enrolled in university.

What is said about John?
A He has applied to the university
B He is going to start at the university
C He has taken his degree at the university
D He is at his final year at the university

The medicine that Paul bought, turned out to have a detrimental effect on his health.

What did the medicine do?
A It was harmful
B It was ineffective
C It was very effective
D It slowly improved his health

Scientists have proven that dinosaurs inhabited the rain forests.

What is said?
A Dinosaurs were the reason that rain forests got created
B Dinosaurs stayed away from the rain forests
C Dinosaurs had a negative effect on the rain forest
D Dinosaurs lived in the rain forests

The museum has procured a lot of valuable vases.

What has the museum done?
A The museum has broken a lot of valuble vases
B They have managed to obtain valuable vases
C They have put valuable vases on display
D They have sold some valuable vases

Mr Tomas has a propensity to being wrong.

What is said about Mr Tomas?
A He tends to be wrong
B He doesn't like being wrong
C He is known by others to being wrong
D He is hardly ever wrong

John made a very rash decision.

What is said about John's decision?
A It was a wise decision
B It was done quickly without thinking
C It was done selfishly without regard to other people
D It was carefully planned

To Emma, the idea of buying the house was tantalizing.

What is said about how Emma felt?
A She felt the idea was stupid
B She felt the idea was out of reach
C She felt tempted by the idea
D She felt anxiety about the whole thing


1B 2D 3A
4B 5B 6A
7D 8B 9C
10D 11D 12B
13D 14B 15A
16D 17B 18A
19B 20C